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"Wacky" Park Attractions

Always something fun for everyone. With over 25 "Wacky" attractions including our three-quarter acre Lost Trail Maze, Panning for Gemstones, and the always popular Wacky Water Golf, we're sure you'll have a great time at Alabama's Big Cave and More, DeSoto Caverns Family Fun Park. Attractions are open year round with the exception of the water attractions and the butterfly house which close at the end of October and reopen in April.
Gemstone Panning
Pan for gemstones just like the old prospectors used to: dipping your pan into the water trough and shaking away the sand. You can find onyx, rubies, pyrite, and other semiprecious stones. Everyone is guaranteed to find something! gemstone panning
DeSoto's Lost Trail Maze
This one is a classic! Our 3/4 acre maze is quite an adventure and is a great activity for all ages. You'll make your way through this giant maze while trying to find three towers along the way. Get a stamp at each tower, find your way out and compare your time with others in your group. trail maze
Tubs Of Fun

Spin around as fast as you want in your individual tub, while this entire attraction spins! You might get dizzy, but you'll have a ton of fun!

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

Happy's Hoops
If you like basketball, check this out! It's a 10 hoop course where you have to bounce the ball off targets to get it into the basket. The trick is to find the right angle, and each hoop presents a different challenge. happy hoops
Bow and Arrow Shoot

Practice up on your bow hunting skills, or compete against your friends in our multi-target bow and arrow course.

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

bow and arrow shoot
Rock'n Roll

This ride is like a big hamster wheel! You and three others buckle in and rock your bodies back and forth, flipping the wheel over and over in a circle. It takes teamwork, and it's lots of fun.

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

DeSoto's Cave Wall Climb
Fancy yourself a climber? Why not take a shot on our horizontal wall climb. This 250 foot wall gives you 10 challenging sections to master, and at the end it starts to lean out. Hold on tight! wall climb
Happy's Moonwalk
Our inflatable moonwalk is a great time for the little ones. They just love to bounce up and down!
DeSoto's Park Express Train
Take a relaxing ride on the Park Express Train. You'll get a tour through our shaded park grounds. express train
Crystal Find
Search the sand under the shaded hut for beautiful crystals to fill your bag. It's hard to find the big ones, but it's worth the search! Crystal Find
Wacky Water Golf
No trip to the park is complete without a round of wacky water golf. Two streams weave in and out of every hole, giving each of them a unique water hazard. Jump your ball over the water gap, or dodge the water holes for a challenging hole in one. wacky golf
Cannon Wars
Challenge your friends in this air cannon game! Eight air cannons and nerf balls equal a fun and exciting game. Cannon Wars
DeSoto's Disc Golf Course
Is your throw as good as your swing? Try this new and challenging round of disc golf. This is a 9 hole course. DeSoto Disc Golf
DeSoto's Cave Crawl Box

This attraction is different from anything you've done before. Here you'll get to try your skills as a cave explorer. You'll be amazed how this box twists and turns over and under itself taking you through 200 feet of simulated cave crawling. You can't miss out on this one! It's one of our favorites.

*Restriction: Must be under 6'1" and 210 lbs. to participate

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

Cave Crawl Box
Happy's Pedal Go-Carts

On your mark, get set, GO! These go-carts go as fast as you can peddle them. Race your friends around our winding track.

*Restriction: Must be at least 52" tall to participate

pedal go carts
Happy's Cruisin Track

Little drivers can pick their favorite ride and take off on a journey around Happy's Cruisin Track.


Twin Spin

Hop in with four friends and see how fast you can spin. On this ride, everyone straps in facing the center. You pump the handles in unison to spin up to speed. You'll really feel the g-force as it pushes you back against your seat.

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

Twin Spin
 Bumper Cars

Fun and Classic!  Race around the track and bump your friends with these fun electric bumper cars.


*Restriction: Must be at least 48" to drive

Squirt Gun Maze (Water Attraction)
Form teams or go solo in this soak or be soaked battle. Try to take over the maze while blasting your opponents with high power water guns. Squirt Gun Maze
Water Balloon Battle (Water Attraction)
Battle your friends in this all out water balloon war! You can either stand in the Spanish Fort or Native American teepee and fight to out-soak the opposition while dodging their constant attack. This is a great attraction for groups. water balloon battle
Paddle Boats (Water Attraction)
Children will enjoy floating around the lagoon in our hand crank bumper boats. Be careful how you steer, or you'll end up under the lagoon fountain!

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

*Restriction: Must be under 6'1" and 210 lbs. to participate

paddle boats
Foam Falls (Water Attraction)
Have a blast in this foam-filled pit always full of bubbles.                                                                                 water dodge
Happy's Slip'n Slide (Water Attraction)
Slide down memory lane in this inflatable slip n' slide. Slip N Slide
The Butterfly House at DeSoto Caverns (Seasonal)
Experience hundreds of butterflies swirl around you as you walk through the beautifully landscaped house. See Monarchs, Zebra Long Wings, Red Admirals and many more. butterfly house
Earth Mover

Uncover every child's dream as they dig into fun and excavate on the new Earth Mover.

 Beach Ball Blast
  Little ones will love getting caught up in the whirl wind of the new Beach Ball Blast.

  Experience weightlessness as you spin and turn on the new GyroXtreme.

*Restriction: Must be at least 36" tall to participate

 Mini Pedal Go Karts

  On your mark, get set, GO! These go-carts go as fast as you can peddle them.  Race around our winding track on these mini machines.


*Restriction: Must be under 100 lbs. to participate


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